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  • Daily Liturgical Schedule

    Sundays and Great Feast Days*

    7:00 AM    Jesus Prayer**, Matins, First Hour
    10:10 AM Third, Sixth Hours
    10:30 AM  Divine Liturgy
    12:00 PM  Potluck Luncheon
    4:50 PM    Ninth Hour, Jesus Prayer**, Vespers


    6:00 AM    Jesus Prayer**, Matins, First Hour
    9:10 AM    Third and Sixth Hours
    9:30 AM    Divine Liturgy
    4:50 PM    Ninth Hour, Jesus Prayer** 
                       and Great Vespers

    Please note that there is no liturgy on the last Saturday of every month.


    5:30 AM    Jesus Prayer**, Matins, First Hour
    8:15 AM    Third/Sixth Hours and Divine Liturgy
    4:50 PM    Ninth Hour, Jesus Prayer**, Vespers

    Weekdays (M,Tu,Th & F)

    5:30 AM    Mesonyktikon, Jesus Prayer**,
    6:45 AM    Matins, First Hour
    12:00 PM   Trithekti (Third, Sixth Hours, Typika)
    4:50 PM    Ninth Hour, Jesus Prayer**, Vespers

    * Our monastery follows the Revised Julian Calendar. Please call the monastery office at (920) 881-4009 if you wish to know if there is a special schedule for a Great Feast (Christmas, Theophany, etc.). 

    ** On most days we have the custom of sitting together silently as part of the morning and afternoon services to pray the Jesus Prayer. We pray the Prayer for about 20 minutes at each specified service. Guests and visitors are welcome to join us, though we ask that if you arrive during the period of silent prayer that you go as quietly as you can to a seat, waiting until after the resumption of the liturgical service to venerate icons, light candles and so forth.
  • Welcome

    Welcome to the homepage of Holy Resurrection Monastery, a Byzantine monastery of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church.

    We are a small community of men dedicated to living and reviving monasticism in the Eastern Catholic Churches, here in our small village among the beautiful green pastures of Wisconsin.

    Please feel free to browse this website for information about our lives and our ministries of prayer, hospitality, spiritual direction and evangelization through education and adult faith formation.  

    -Abbot Nicholas    

  • Calendar

    • December 11, 4:00 PM - December 13
    • Saturday, December 26, 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Saturday, January 30, 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Saturday, February 27, 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Saturday, March 26, 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Saturday, April 30, 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM

  • (Image: Icon of the 'Theotokos, Searcher for the Lost' at Holy Resurrection Monastery written by Melkite Priest Rt. Rev Mark Melone)

    Within the 
    Temple  , O Temple of Life, you found Him whom the universe cannot contain, silencing the teachers by the word of God which is above the wisdom of the wise. O all-pure Mother of God, cease not seeking your children who are lost; that we may treasure Christ in our hearts, and find eternally our Father's House.

    - Troparion composed by Hieromonk Maximos of Holy Resurrection Monastery in honor of the Theotokos, Searcher for the Lost